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Post Nasal Drip Treatment Over The Counter: Best Tips And Methods For Your Health

You might wake up one morning with a sore throat, hacking cough, or may just feel as if something is blocking the flow at the back of your throat. Any of these experiences could mean that you've got post nasal drip.

Post nasal drip happens when the production of the mucus goes awry. It might result because of overproduction of mucus, that keep giving you typical feeling of something dripping at the back of your throat. The mucus is thin, clear, and very runny. On the other hand, if it is extreme, it can be thick and sticky that is yellow or green in color. Thick mucus occurs when the production of mucus slows down and thickens.

There are many factors that can trigger the change in the mucus production. These factors can include allergies, nasal or sinus polyps colds/flu, air pollution, cold air, dusty/smoky conditions, deviated septum, age, pregnancy, and sinus infections. While some tranquilizers can dry up mucus production, they can also dry your nose and throat. Some post-nasal drip treatment methods prepared at home can ease the symptoms and might also be able to prevent the problem.

Gargle Salt Water

Most of the common problems associated with post nasal drip simply cause irritations and tend to go away by themselves. But you can always alleviate some of the early signs and symptoms by gargling with salt water. Salt water gargles help soothe your sore throat and make it relax throughout the day. All you need is to add 1/2 teaspoon salt in 1 cup warm water and gargle away twice or thrice a day.

Use Baking Soda

This baking soda remedy is easy to make and quick to show results. Simply follow the below given remedy and get rid of the unnecessary discomfort caused by your post-nasal drip problem.

1. Take 1 cup warm water and add 1 teaspoon salt and a pinch of baking soda.

2. Get a nasal syringe and squirt the formulation into your nostril, while closing off the back portion of your palate and throat. Move your head back, forward, and on each side.

3. Hold each position for about 8-10 seconds to get the solution into all of the four sinus cavities.

4. Blow your nose once you're done with this process.

5. Repeat the process up to six times a day.

Stay Hydrated

Due to constant irritation, most people avoid drinking water and as a result their body does not get the required amount of fluids. The fact is that drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated is a sure shot remedy for post-nasal drip that definitely works. Staying hydrated keeps your mucus thin and runny. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to prevent such conditions in the future too.


Ginger is considered to be one of the most effective natural post nasal drip treatments. It is primarily used to relieve the symptoms. Best part is that, Ginger is easily available in your kitchen, so you need not make special arrangements to deal with your condition.

Ginger juice can be made by grating it and boiling in the water. Sip the ginger juice slowly and let the inflammation in your throat go away. You may also chew a small piece of ginger like a candy to get similar effects.

Choose Saline Sprays

When dealing with post-nasal drip, you might want to try decongestant as they are designed to provide instant relief from such problems. However, a saline spray is considered to be a good alternative as it helps thin the mucus and also easy symptoms. You can easily get saline sprays at any drugstore. Keep it handy, so whenever you feel the onset of symptoms in the future, you can use it immediately to get rid of them.

Avoid Spicy Foods

One of the best ways to treat post-nasal drip is to start avoiding spicy foods as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms. Spicy foods can aggravate the condition, making the symptoms more worse day by day. Opt for freshly cooked, boiled vegetables until the symptoms go off. Also in order to prevent future attacks, avoid eating spicy foods before bedtime.

In order to properly treat post nasal drip, it's important to know the right ways to do so. But even after trying all the post-nasal drip treatment options, if you don't feel relieved, then it can be due to some underlying cause. In such case, you must speak to your GP, who will prescribe you effective antibiotics to fight off the bacteria causing the infection.