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Post nasal drip is when there is dense or excessive amount of mucous that tends to drop in the rear side of the neck causing minor pain. It doesn't hurt but it causes the sore to throat and hence the pain follows. In our endeavor to get relief from mucous the sore throat occurs. Some common symptoms of nasal drip are difficulty in breathing, coughing, itchy voice and tickling. Sore throat is a later stage of the post nasal drip. This only occurs if the nasal drip is not treated with in a certain span of time.


A number of reasons can lead to post nasal dip sore throat but soreness of throat is often caused by post-nasal drip. Other reasons include cold, running nose and sneezing. Sore throats can also come from strep throat. The later is an infection which hurts the throat and causes pain as a result. Sore throats can come from allergies too. The above symptoms are common signs of a sore throat and can be fully cured within a span of few days with time to time medication. Sore throat caused by nasal drip tends to stay because of because of a persistent dripping sensation in the back side of throat.


A sore throat is the most common symptom of post-nasal drip. That said, there are other symptoms which may lead to the post-nasal drip sore throat. Mentioned below are few symptoms of the disease:

1. Mucus run into the digestive system as a result you end up having an upset stomach.

2. Foul breath.

3. Continuous coughing early in the morning.


To get rid of the sore throat you have to address the problem of postnasal drip. Go to a doctor and make sure you are suffering from post-nasal drip. It is important to know why you are suffering from postnasal drip. Once that is done there is an array of options which can help you to get respite from sore throat. Doctors will be the best person to give advice regarding the treatment plan. Most poplar course of treatments include nasal sprays, throat lozenges, antibiotics and at times surgery if the disease has progressed a great deal and condition of the patient is critical.

Cough syrup

Cough syrup is mostly prescribed by physicians in order to address the problem of sore throat. It becomes a necessity to clear the mucus from your throat in order to get relief post-nasal drip. Apart from syrups there are simple inexpensive but effective treatments which can help you. Giggling with warm salt water or having tea with honey or using certain mouth rinses can help you to get relief from post-nasal drip followed by sore throat.

The necessity of treatment:

Post nasal dip is not a life threatening disease but nonetheless it is an irritating condition to be in. It causes frequent irritation in the neck. While this is not contagious, it can be a very painful because of the association of sore throat. Refraining from medication for a long time can lead to worse symptoms. The symptoms of the later include fever, fatigue, laryngitis, sore throat and swollen throat. Eating becomes increasingly difficult because of the mucus stored in the neck and the digestive system. The person suffering from this medical condition finds it difficult to swallow anything. He or she could only intake liquid food.

Refrain from the following:

It is very important to eschew few things in the diet if you are suffering from the post-nasal drip and sore throat. For instance, skip milk and any other dairy products. They attract mucous and thus makes swallowing very difficult. Likewise spicy food can also enhance sore throat and post-nasal drip. It is advised that you stay hydrated when suffering from postnasal drip. Take plenty of eater and fruit juice.

How to stay away?

Prevention is always better than cure. The best ways to thwart post-nasal drip sore throat are mentioned below:

1. Clean your home frequently dust thoroughly and vacuum. Wash your sheets at least twice a week.

2. Get rid of allergen such as pet dander.

3. Use saline nasal spray if you are already suffering from the disease.

We hope, this post will help you to keep your nose and throat happy and disease free.