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Besides being an inconvenient and annoying situation, post nasal drip is one of the major causes of foul smelling breath in many people.

What is post nasal drip?

Post nasal drip is the slimy excess mucus that drips slowly down the back of your throat or nose. The drip is mainly made up of unhealthy or diseased mucus. In normal cases, mucus is usually clear. However, when you fall sick mucus can turn sticky and white or green and unhealthy followed by bad breath. This is referred to as post-nasal bad breath.

When does post nasal drip occur?

Mucus is continuously made by the cells lining the sinus passage. When the mucus is made in excess, it starts dripping down the back of the throat or nose. Bad breath and post-nasal drip go hand because the mucus in the mouth and the post nasal drip provide perfect breeding ground for the bacteria. This can cause various inconveniencing conditions such as foul smelling breath, sore throat or even coughing.

The main problem with post-nasal dip is that it provides a constant supply of food to the anaerobic bacteria that live in the mouth. Eventually, this causes post-nasal bad breath which mainly occurs because the bacteria in your mouth can multiply, eat, and excrete wastes which emit the foul smell.

Why does post-nasal drip cause bad breath?

When the bacteria living in your mouth and especially those found behind your tongue are continuously exposed to the proteins found in the mucus, the foul smelling sulfur compounds are emitted as these protein molecules are broken down. This explains the post-nasal drip bad breath that mainly occurs when you are experiencing nasal issues.

On the other hand, another source of the atrocious smell is the collection of debris and dead cells that lodge in the tonsillar crypts and tonsil. This collection of debris and dead cells forms pale tonsiloliths which grow into stone like aggregates that are commonly referred to as tonsil stones. The tonsil stones provide a place to live and food for the bacteria. Although tonsiloliths can be dislodged, they are a big problem to most people mainly because they are malodorous and they also tend to recur.

Symptoms of post-nasal drip bad breath

1. Foul smelling breath.

2. Horrible tastes and smells coming from the back of the mouth. Morning breath or sour taste all day.

3. Constant clear, white or light yellow mucus lodged in the back of the throat at all times. In most cases, ypu have to gag and spit it out in order to get rid of it.

4. White coating all over the tongue from the mucus constantly dripping down the throat.

5. Tonsil stones. These occur occasionally and they can be extremely small.

6. Dry mouth: Post-nasal drip bad breath can worsen when your nose is stuffed up making it very hard to breathe through the mouth.

7. The inability to taste some foods and numbness.

Cure for post nasal drip bad breath

Post-nasal drip is a recurring problem which results in bad breath and it can cause one to feel unsecure and incompetent. The only way to treat the problem is treating its main cause. Bad breath is a turn off; however, the good news is that the problem can be prevented and cured.

1. Maintaining good dental hygiene ensures a healthy mouth which can prevent bad breath. Hygienic people who clean and rinse their mouths regularly have fresher and cleaner mouths free of the aerobic bacteria that cause post-nasal drip bad breath.

2. Keep your mouth moist by drinking enough water. If your mouth is unable to circulate enough water, it becomes dry. Dryness also causes breath issues because breathing through your mouth results in a dry mouth which creates a perfect breeding ground for the aerobic bacteria. Saliva reduces the amount of bacteria on the mouth. Therefore, a dry mouth results in lack of fresh clean breath.

3. Besides brushing your teeth, you should also ensure that you brush your tongue properly because just like the teeth, the tongue harbors most of the harmful aerobic bacteria in your mouth. This can be done effectively by using tongue scrappers that are now commonly available in the market or toothbrushes that are specially designed for the tongue.

4. Ensure regular dental check-up within a span of six months. You should not only visit the dentists when you have problems with your gums or teeth or when you have bad breath. Problems in your mouth can be very tricky. Therefore, it is vital to maintain regular dental checkup.

5. There are also various medical products that can help treat postnasal drip. These medications are mainly nasal decongestants and antihistamines. However, these products only provide a temporary solution to the problem. Therefore, most people who use these medications have to deal with this embarrassing problem on a regular basis.

The post-nasal drip has to be addressed in order to help prevent tonsil stones. This helps slow down the discharge of excess mucus that enters into the tonsils and the back of the throat. It is vital to see a doctor in order to get proper treatment for postnasal drip. This helps eliminate the embarrassing bad breath problem.