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How To Treat Post Nasal Drip: Useful Tips And Methods

Post nasal drip is a condition whereby bodily secretion of mucus by the nasal mucosa goes awry leading to overproduction of thick mucus that accumulate at the back of your nose or throat. Essentially, when such a condition occurs you will likely feel mucus draining down your throat persistently making you quite uncomfortable. In addition, this particular condition is usually accompanied by voice loss, breathing difficulty, wheezing, frequent spitting, hoarseness or even persistent coughing. Indeed, most health experts associate the condition with sinus infections, age, cold air, pregnancy and smoky or dusty conditions amongst other identified causative agents. However, if you develop the symptoms there is no need to get worried.

Here are tips for how to treat post nasal drip that can help you:

  1. Treat the root cause.
  2. It is advisable for you to see a physician when you experience severe symptoms that require urgent treatment. The doctor will establish the root cause of such symptoms and prescribe to you a medication that will make the symptoms to subside quickly. Essentially, the best time to see a physician is when the condition becomes persistent for weeks making it hard for you to swallow, when you suspect bacterial infection and when the conditions start chocking you. However, there are times that seeing a health expert may not change anything such as when you experience common cold.

  3. Avoid some foods and exposure to certain environmental conditions.
  4. Apparently, cold and spiced foods should be avoided at all costs because they are known to worsen post-nasal drip by speeding up mucus production. Additionally, you should avoid exposure to environmental conditions including places that are full of smoke, smog and dust because they can exacerbate the condition. Basically, cold and environs with smoke, pollen, dander, smog and dust contain allergens that causes post-nasal drip and you should avoid them at all costs.

  5. Blow your nose correctly.
  6. You can as well blow your nose in the recommended manner with an attempt to remove irritants that bring about mucus build-up. However, when blowing the nose it is advisable that you open your mouth to avoid pressure buildup in the ear that can damage the eardrum impairing your hearing ability. If you find that blowing your nose does not help the situation, you can try snorting and even spitting the excessive mucus from the back of your throat because doing this can help you avoid dry mouth, bad breath and relieve yourself from post-nasal drip.

  7. Keep your body hydrated at all times.
  8. Another way of treating post nasal drip is by drinking a lot fluids each day. Essentially, the best fluids that you can drink are water and juice because they are known to assist in reducing post-nasal drip symptoms. In addition, there is need of avoiding engaging in activities that make the body dehydrated including drinking alcohol, caffeine and milk that is known to make mucus to thicker.

  9. Gargling.
  10. Washing your mouth with salt water is one of the best ways of soothing sore throats that are linked to post-nasal drip. Essentially, salt water cleans the mouth efficiently to an extent of clearing up all mucus build-up that drip in the back of the throat. Thus, you should try adding a half teaspoon of salt to a cup of lukewarm water and gargle with it for some time to get the best results.

  11. Try menthol.
  12. Menthol has been known to help in clearing stuffy noses and hence using it may assist you in removing excessive mucus out of the nasal passages. Therefore, it will be of great importance if you take lozenges, creams and tea with menthol content to relieve you from post-nasal drip.

Post-nasal drip can be irritating and extremely annoying if not carefully handled and treated. Essentially, it is a condition that should not make you worried because there are many ways of treating its symptoms making you totally well with time. However, as it seems there are severe symptoms that will dictate that you see a doctor and hence there is no need to relent in doing that. In addition, there are over the counter medications that can help you fight post-nasal drip and they include: Vicks, Claritin, Benadryl, Chlor-Timeton and Robitussin.